Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dear lord I hope so...

We've always known the Little Princess is an active baby. At our very first ultrasound at 12 weeks - back when she still looked somewhat more like a tadpole than an actual human - we could see her launching her little peanut self repeatedly off the side of my uterus with her legs like a Mexican jumping bean. I felt the first fluttery goldfish movements around 16 or 17 weeks. Since then, she's grown even more active, kicking and squirming with gusto around the clock. Lately, though, now that she's getting bigger and running out of room, the sweet thumps and swirls have turned into something more akin to a rabid ferret in a burlap sack. She likes to enthusiastically pedal what I can only imagine are her feet, and sometimes if she's positioned just right, she stomps on my bladder with enough force that it causes me to pee a little. I can't be held responsible for this, internets, I'm sure you understand.

31 weeks. Although I'm now nearly at 32... only 8 more weeks to go. I'm shocked that I haven't started to panic, considering that my cousin gave birth at 35 weeks and that is only 3 weeks away from now. And we have nothing for the baby but a carseat and a crib that sits in about 30 pieces in our guest room. Which we will be packing up into boxes and moving across the island in a month's time. My poor cousin had nothing either. Well, at least her nursery was done and ready to accept a scrunchy little newborn. But she was supposed to have her baby shower right before she ended up going into labor (it was canceled because of the huge snowstorm in the DC area).

Speaking of moving, the best news ever: our condo is rented! YAY! That is a huge relief lifted off my mind knowing there will be someone in here as soon as we leave and we don't have to fight with our landpeople about whether we owe them rent... I haven't been blogging about THAT saga, in case we ended up going to court with them, but now I don't have to worry about it! And we don't have to show the place or keep posting it on craigslist or worry about whether the toilets are clean in case someone wants to stop by.

Conversation at work yesterday, with that old guy who was constantly making the twins comments:

Old Guy: So when are you actually going on your leave?

Me: Well, it depends how I feel, but I'm hoping to work until my due date.

Old Guy: And your due date is when?

Me: April 30, officially. But I'm thinking it's not going to be until the first or second week of May.

Old Guy: ... this year?

Me: ........


Nina said...

I promise that you really don't need much at all for the first couple of months. Chances are you won't even be using a crib. The carseat is a must, but you already have that. A couple of swaddle blankets would probably come in handy, a couple of handfuls of onesies and something to carry the Elf Princess around in -- (sling, baby bjorn, Snugli, whatever) and you are golden. Nursery decorating and the rest of it, you can totally live without and Baby won't be noticing anything but you for a few months anyway. So really, what I am saying, is that you are totally prepared! So exciting that it is getting so close!

Lindsey Broere said...

Strange old guy...sheesh.

DUDE...the pee stuff...incredible! I still stop before I sneeze and try really hard to hold my bladder, forgetting that I'm not still pregnant. It was THAT bad! In fact, after one crazy sneezing fit (fall allergies) Layla offered up a pull up...NICE!

How's that for too much information :-)

I'm so excited for you...the time is getting'll be meeting the little elf princess before you know it!