Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breathtaking stupidity, 32 week midwife visit

Oh my. Y'all should go read this article. My mind? Is officially blown. I mean... I don't even know where to start with this one.

I've seen that show about the ladies who don't realize they are pregnant until they give birth, so I am aware that occasionally women don't know they are pregnant until the baby suddenly pops out into a grimy McDonald's toilet. Or something. Whatever, it happens.

But most of those girls say things like, "I felt totally normal, I barely gained any weight, I had no idea I could be pregnant!" Yes, it's hard to get your brain around -- if you've ever been pregnant before, it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't feel the baby or wonder why you can't bend over at the waist anymore.

This woman? She actually felt "off" enough to go to the doctor MULTIPLE TIMES! I guess I can sort of understand a little that maybe she herself did not realize the reason she felt weird was she was pregnant. She was overweight and menstrual periods can be wonky and disappear for a while. But you guys, the doctors diagnosed her with gout or maybe IBS, we don't know but don't worry about it take two tylenol and take it easy for a while. She went more than once and no one thought to do a pregnancy test?

And then! She goes into labor! And goes back to the doctor because, Yo, something is really not right with me. And the doctor finally, FINALLY realizes she is preggo, but tells her she's only 3 months along and sends her on her way! She goes home and gives birth to a nine pound baby a few hours later! The stupidity is breathtaking. It's unbelievable to me that even without ultrasound the doctor couldn't realize through a manual exam of her abdomen that she had a NINE POUND BABY in there. Even if she WAS overweight. Goodness, can you imagine suddenly just giving birth?! With no forewarning whatsoever? What a shock that would be.


I had my 32 week midwife visit today. I really hope this midwife is the one on duty when I go into labor! I like her a lot. The visit went well. I am measuring right on schedule. I asked her about the baby being breech and she felt with her hands and couldn't say for sure but she didn't think the Little Elf was breech anymore. We'll find out next week when I go in for my ultrasound. The baby's heartbeat was louder way down by my pelvic bone so she thought the hard round babypart by my bellybutton was probably baby butt.

I've gained exactly 20 lbs so far which means I'm gaining the textbook pound a week right now. It seems a little crazy to me because I'm eating way better now than I was for the first 20 weeks or so of my pregnancy when I had all sorts of cravings and aversions. But I guess your body knows what it's doing with the weight gain and as long as I keep it sane, I'm not going to worry about it. Apparently half a pound of the weekly weight is going on the baby at this point as she puts on fat. The other half lb is fluid retention - blood, amniotic fluid, water retention - and fat on mah bum. If it keeps up to the end, I will have gained about 28 lbs total. I'm still eating pretty much whatever I want, but luckily I'm wanting more fruit, grilled meats, veggies, yogurt, cheese and nuts instead of cereal and french fries!

She also confirmed that my 3 hour glucose test was normal. In fact, she said all four blood draws were well below the top of the normal range. So. I admit I'm happy I can still eat Girl Scout cookies whenever I want without worrying too much about my blood sugar.

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Lindsey Broere said...

Craziness...those doctors that saw her should be fired...that is incredible!

YAY...little elf is getting ready for her big debut! I can't wait to meet her :-)