Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ehhh.... I just can't help myself.

This article over at the Gold Coast Chronicle is one of the best succinct arguments for why Congress needs to go back to the drawing board with the healthcare bill. And while you're at it, check out the 50 Fallacies on Healthcare. Look, obviously we need to do something, but the direction they are headed now is just WRONG in my opinion. Quoting from the article:

Instead of “universal health care,” America needs free market reforms such as allowing patients to purchase insurance across state lines and using Health Savings Accounts for routine expenses.

Insurers should be allowed to sell inexpensive, catastrophic-only policies to cover rare but expensive events.

States should repeal laws forcing insurers to offer (and patients to purchase) unwanted “mandatory benefits” such as in vitro fertilization.

Such reforms would respect individual rights, greatly reduce insurance costs, and make insurance available to millions who cannot currently afford it.

Do we want to enlarge an already-bloated welfare state so that it can further violate our rights in the name of “universal health care?”

Or do we want a limited government that will respect our rights and allow individuals to prosper and thrive? America’s future is at stake.

Not to mention using legislative gimmicks like reconciliation to jam through one of the most important pieces of legislation in memory... it's a major process foul, Obama. And now the Slaughter Solution on top of it? What happened to the democratic process? It's bad enough all the pork and ridiculous horse-trading that has already been done, but now to try to bulldoze over the opposition by bending the rules? It's sickening. Quoting from here: "The Democratic Majority cannot deny that they are turning the process of our democracy on its head in an effort to achieve a highly unpopular, partisan objective."

I urge you, if you disagree with the chocolate mess Pelosi et al are trying to shove through Congress, to write your Congressmen and tell them to vote NO on the healthcare bill. They are still short of the votes they need for a majority. If your Congressmen are on the fence, it's even more important to write and tell them your views!


Chris said...

FYI, I'm totally with you on this, Michelle. I wrote weeks ago to my congressmen in both New Jersey and VA (where we still own a house, and are, uh, technically still registered to vote) about this. Both are states where Dems had an advantage, but took losses in state elections last fall, so I have to believe they are on edge about the next election.

We'll see. I told them I will not only vote based on this, but also make campaign donations to their opponents...

Michelle said...

Happily the representative in the district where I vote in FL is in opposition to the bill... I sent letters to the other FL congressmen who are on the fence, not that it will likely do any good since I'm not registered in their district!