Thursday, March 25, 2010

34 weeks of pregnant glory

Hoo boy. I'm tired y'all. TI - YERD. 12 hour workdays will do that to ya. It was only a few days for a conference we were running, but man it feels like I've been at work every day for a MONTH! My eyes were so bloodshot and glassy today that people were asking me if I should really still be working. I don't feel as bad as I look! Plus, I'm not THAT huge... I mean, really, I think the belly is quite big enough, don't you?, but it's not like people are starting to worry my water might break on their shoes or anything.

Yep. 34 weeks. Almost 35 at this point. This camera angle makes my butt look deceptively small. Only 2 weeks till I'm full term! Only one more week till we move yippee! It's really getting hotter here and I'm having a hell of a time sleeping at night, so I'm super excited to get into our new home. Plus Adam will be done with his month of night shifts, so we will actually get to see each other and sleep in the same bed at the same time again. I told him I couldn't sleep last night because the baby had the hiccups the whole dang night and he said, "I still like her." Hahaha, he amuses me :)


Lindsey Broere said...

Final stretch, girl! Thank God you'll be holding the baby in your arms and not your belly when it starts to get REALLY hot...HELLO swollen ankles...swollen everything. Whew!

Hope you get some rest soon....weekend is on its way!

katie said... are the cutest pregnant chick ever! i can't believe you are going to have a sweet little girl soon!!! so crazy. ;)