Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot and Sore

I haven't talked to Adam in a while and I finally got a voicemail from him yesterday while I was in the metro. He's been working double duty covering someone else's job AND his own. He said he was sleeping only a few hours each night. He sounded tired. I feel bad for him!

The summer has arrived and it is hot and humid. I have mentioned here before that Washington DC is actually built on a giant swampland. No kidding. Foggy Bottom, the neighborhood where the State Department and the Kennedy Center are located, was once marshes that were filled in and built up. Technically unfit for human habitation. Add to that the concrete jungles absorbing sunlight and reflecting it and the heat is magnified something awful. I dream of moving north for the lovely summers. Of course I would be suicidal come January, I think I despise the severe cold even more than severe heat/humidity. It's not the heat that gets me - I loved Arizona and it gets up to like 120 degrees there. It's the humidity. And the fact that I have to be out in it to get to/from work walking about a mile each way - ugh.

The trains are packed as of late with the summer interns. Did you know that DC gets about 20,000 interns each year?! You can always tell which ones they are on the trains. Fresh faced, not wearing the weight of responsibility just yet. That and they do sophomoric things on the train that commuting pro's would never do. For example, when the train nears the station, they feel they HAVE TO GET UP RIGHT NOW AND MOVE TOWARDS THE DOOR. You know, just in case they can't get off once the train stops and they have to ride to the next station. NEWSFLASH! It will be much easier/faster/more efficient to get to the door once the train stops and we are not all holding on and sausaged in here! Trust me, you will have PLENTY OF TIME TO GET OFF. I have NEVER, in all my years of riding the metro, seen anyone NOT get off the train because they didn't have enough time to get out. I've seen pregnant women haul their expanding girth of pregnant glory out of an inside seat and make it to the platform in time!

This weekend marks four weeks of the Bikini Project and I am planning to take pictures and some measurements. I don't feel/see as many changes as I would like or expect after four weeks of dieting, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I really have been diligent these last weeks so I will be disappointed if there is nothing numerical or visual to show for my efforts.

I had another TT workout planned for this morning but I went to the gym and did my warmup circuits and decided I was just too sore to get anything out of it. So I did some foam rolling and stretching and went home. It's unlike me to skip a workout, even for soreness, so you know how sore I really am! My hips and thighs are just trashed from doing dumbbell swings on Wednesday. I forgot how painful those can be!

I'm looking forward to another relaxing weekend, how bout you?

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, you would be suicidal come January! Although here, we manage to last until March.

Evidently some people never came back from it, like the guy who flung himself head-first into a wood chipper in April. WTF?