Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's up

This has been a super busy week at work! I was here until nearly 8:00 on Tuesday - holy smokes! I used to work all kinds of crazy hours like that a couple years ago when I first came to this office. We've since hired on several new people so the workload has diminished considerably, but there are always those days.

We finally got a break from the deluge of rain yesterday and today, but it's going to start raining again tonight! I saw on the news that this is already one of the wettest Mays on record! After this weekend we will likely be the 5th wettest May - and we're only halfway through the month!

I took advantage of the reprieve yesterday to get out on the trails for a jog. It is now light at 5:30 in the morning so I don't worry as much about being out there all alone. I did another Turbulence Training workout this morning. Man, those intervals kill me! You know, in a nice positive way! I did intervals on the step mill this morning, I feel like I might actually expire!

I'm waiting on Adam to tell me whether he is going to be able to stop here on his way home from Turkalurkadurk (or wherever), which will be soon! I hope he is going to come here, I miss him so much!

Then I may try to go to Hawaii in July too when my sister and her boyfriend are going to be there. My sister's boyfriend is going to the North Shore of Oahu to test waverunners for the military.... seriously, HOW DO I GET HIS JOB???

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Anonymous said...

Let me know. I'll come and meet you there!!

Glad you could get a nice trail run in. Yeah, those TT intervals kill ya. I generally feel like I'm going to cough up blood when I do them. Yay!