Saturday, May 17, 2008

Of course.

Of course my washing machine would flood today. Of course. That was my treat for the morning! I did manage to do my TT workout and hit the grocery store, although I still have to go to Whole Foods for some stevia. They don't carry it at the Harris Teeter by my house which is weird because I actually think the HT has a better selection of organic produce than the WF.

I don't use stevia a lot, but I need it to make my chocolate tofu pudding, which is a new dessert-like concoction I discovered recently. It's just light silken tofu blended with cocoa powder and stevia and topped with sliced almonds. I've been gravitating away from meat and decided to experiment a bit with tofu and loved this recipe to eat for breakfast when I just want something light and sweet. It's airy, like a flan.

I'm about to go meet up with my parents and I think we may walk into Georgetown... it is beautiful out today in DC so perfect weather for getting outside!

I am so glad last week is over. The insanity level at work was at a fever pitch. Next week should be back to more relaxing times, although one can never be too sure in my line of work; we're pretty reactive and world events are always moving forward.

Happy weekend, y'all! Train hard and hug your loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to say I am always amazed by your fitness commitment. You get it in, even if your washer is overflowing and you work until 8 pm!

Sorry to hear about the washer, by the way. Mini-disasters are never fun...