Friday, May 02, 2008

I feel FANTASTIC today!

First! Oh my word, you guys, Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training fame left a comment on my blog! Haha, you have no idea how tickled this makes me! I've attained momentary celebrity status on my blog :P And he said I have nice arms - LOL! Well, had is more like it... Well, I still have them, they are just hiding out at the moment. Actually, I have never really had truly visible arm dents unless I'm flexing or just left the gym with a pump, so that's something I'm hoping to achieve in this 12 weeks (maybe? Arm-dent Gods, are you out there? Ab-Gods, too?)

I was talking to Adam last night who was very nice and sat on the phone with me from Durka-durka-stan or wherever he is while I took my Startling Pics (hehe). You know, for moral support. He's going to do his own 12 week Challenge -- we're calling it the Linebacker Challenge! His motto is Leaner, Faster, Stronger! Awesome. My Beefcake is going to get hunkier, what more could a girl ask for?! Oh, right, maybe that he be located IN THE SAME ZIP CODE. Or at least be IN a zip code (is there a zip code wherever you are, honey?)

Also... I?

Slept for TEN HOURS last night. Ten! It was wonderfully, gloriously delicious. I will take your comment to heart, C and lay off the calcium and see what happens. Sadly, I should probably get off dairy as well due to the GI issues, but I do love my yogurt.

And, an old friend I found on Facebook found me on Gmail chat yesterday morning and we got to chat for a bit - we haven't been in touch in TEN YEARS!! Ten! Can it really have been THAT LONG holy jeez! But it has... we met in 1998 (right?) in Mannheim, Germany where we went to college. Man, we had some cRAZY times together LOL, I was quite a wild child back then. Stories for another time, kids.

Anyway, now he's in Iraq! He's been there for FOUR YEARS! First he was in Baghdad, then in Mosul while it was hot, now in Balad. He's a civilian working on force security. Wow. We are lucky to have people like him out there.

TGIF, right? I'm ready for the weekend!

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