Saturday, May 31, 2008

Odds and ends

I have been sitting here reading all the important blogs and it has gone from partly sunny to OMG, is it suddenly 8:00 pm? No, it is still 1:30. But the clouds have rolled in so thick it is like dusk outside! We are supposed to have major thunderstorms today so I will be hibernating indoors. I may head across the street to the movie theater and see that Cameron Diaz movie about Las Vegas something.... yes, I live across the street from a movie theater. I also live a block away from my gym, my grocery store and the metro. I PAY DEARLY FOR THIS. But I can afford it because I am a well paid federal employee *scoff*. The alternative is paying with my health and sanity in trying to get to and from work each day -- note: commuting across a river will double... nay, TRIPLE your commute time.

Adam finally called me in the middle of the night last night. He woke me from a dead slumber. I can't believe I even heard the phone ringing, but I managed to fly out of bed and run to the counter where I'd left my cell phone to answer it. I can't remember what we talked about. I think I was still half asleep.

Strange occurrence at the gym yesterday:

A regular came up to me and said, "I just realized that you are a twin." Huh? I corrected her and she said there is a girl who works out there who looks just like me. Really? I have been working out there almost daily for 3 years now and apparently I have a doppleganger I never noticed? Must keep eyes peeled...

And it just started pouring rain. With thunder and lightening. Cool.


Laurie said...

I miss living within walking distance of everything (although not a great place to raise a kid and living so close to the mountains is a huge plus too).

I really liked Thirteenth Tale - I love murder mystery/thrillers and this was such a great twist on the same ol' thing. My head was spinning at the end trying to keep the "twins" straight.

Anonymous said...

We've been having rain too. There is something that is dually ominous and soothing about those cloudy, thundering, lightening skies. At least being safe inside during those storms.