Wednesday, January 13, 2010

24 Week Midwife Visit

I saw the midwife today for my 24 week appointment. I know precisely none of you will be shocked to hear that my uterus was measuring behind schedule. I explained everything to the midwife and she was the most sympathetic person yet, telling me that I was probably right and my due date was probably not until later. We will see at my ultrasound next week how the Little Princess is doing and whether they will want to change my official due date or not. It matters little since it's only 10 days less than what they have recorded; however, it is one less thing to worry about whether she is not growing properly. I have to admit I am not really concerned about that!

What was surprising is that I have only gained 2 lbs in the last 8 weeks since I was there. And I've actually LOST 2 lbs since I was at my endocrinologist 4 weeks ago. I have no idea how that happened, and it's certainly not a result of any virtue on my part, nor for lack of trying. My mother and father can attest to my robust appetite while they were here visiting over the holidays. I have gained a total of 10 lbs so far. With 16 weeks left in this pregnancy, I could gain a pound a week from now on and be right on track.

She also scheduled me for the glucose screening, which I am dreading. The idea of chugging down a sickly sweet drink full of artificial color and sugar has exactly zero appeal. She said I didn't HAVE to do it, but it would make the OBs very nervous if I had not because gestational diabetes can be very serious. I will have to think about that one.

Other than that everything was fine. I see my endo again tomorrow and get another ultrasound next Wednesday. Time has seemed to pass pretty slowly during this pregnancy, even though it sounds like I don't have much time left when I think it's only 16 more weeks!

It's fun now though that the baby is moving all the time. You can even see her kicks from the outside now! Sometimes at work or if I'm in a boring meeting I will just stare at my belly watching the little thumps. Last night Adam and I were watching a documentary about crazy-ass Hunter S. Thompson and I was feeling the kicks really strong right in front so I said, "hey, look right there..." and a couple seconds later you could see my belly jump where she kicked. We both had a laugh and I said I think she's trying to get out!

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