Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hiking Hau'ula Loop Trail

Y'all. It's hot. Seriously. HOT. And I am whiny and the universe is imposing on me at this moment. The trade winds are dead dead dead. Not a leaf is stirring. The vog is hanging all around us like thick pea soup. And it's HOT.

And I'm feeling very sad about it because it's not looking like I can look forward to moving into our centrally air conditioned new home on March 31 now. It's looking like we will be stuck here. STUCK. Until JULY!!!! Our landlady made it sound like they were going to let us out of our lease early. But she got a rental management company to take over the property, and now they want to impose all these additional strings and stuff, like that we have to pay to advertise the place, and we are responsible for any lost rent between April and July. They even are trying to put additional cleaning requirements on us, like pulling all the screens off the windows and washing them! Like hell! Those screens haven't been cleaned in 20 years! I'm not about to do it!


Let's focus on the fun things about living here, like good hiking trails! It's been a while since we went hiking. Yesterday we did the Hau'ula Loop Trail, a fun little ridge hike about halfway up the windward coast. It was good to get outside and enjoy the trail. The weather was pretty nice for it. Except for the vog, which kind of prevented us from enjoying the panormic views of the mountain range and the coastline.

At the trailhead. I look round. I'm really starting to fill out my non-maternity workout gear.

Starting the trail.

Long needled Hawaii pines crowding the trail.

Nearing the highest elevation - about 750 ft.

Panoramic view, somewhat ruined by the vog.

On the drive home, you could really tell how voggy it was because you could barely see the Ko'olau Mountains! They are usually clear and pretty as a postcard.
You can just barely see the beginning of the outline on the middle left. The rest of the mountain is completely obscured! Today it's the same. We need the trade winds! And some rain!

P.S. Vog is volcanic ash and fog.

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