Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feathering the Nest

Cankle watch: no sightings in several days YAY. The proteins are working, as much as I don't feel like eating them more often than not.

Baby watch: Feeling good, sleeping well, no big complaints. While I'm typing, I'm playing some classical music through headphones on the belly for the Little Elf, and I don't know if she likes it or not when I do that, but she sure squirms around a lot!

I can't really say that I've been hit with the so-called Nesting Instinct yet. I'm not inspired to clean or fluff any more than my usual keep-the-dirt-at-bay-and-the-gecko-poops-off-the-counter attitude. Maybe it's because we might be moving sooner rather than later! We are keeping our fingers crossed, but our landlady was sympathetic to our plight and seemed like she was going to let us out of our lease early. She hasn't given us a final decision, but Adam thinks she will. HALLELUJA! We are hoping to be in a new house by the beginning of April, which will make the last month of pregnancy busy and interesting, but I will be so grateful to be in a new house before the baby is born and not have to move with a 6 week old infant.

I did buy a crib, but it's in pieces in the guest room upstairs. I have a rocker/recliner more or less picked out, but we haven't bought it yet. Other than that and the baby jail (aka Pack n Play) we bought on Black Friday, we have made zero baby purchases.

But! I did find some really adorable island-themed prints to hang on the wall! I'm against themed nurseries as a general rule, but when I saw these prints I thought, how cute would that be, and you could put lots of different stuff with it. And the next thing I knew I was buying up a bunch of them.

We have no carseat, diapers or burp rags, but at least we know the nursery will be cute (priorities, people).


Chris said...

Link to said rocker / recliner please?

I must have looked at 50 of them yesterday, along with cribs, at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Ikea, Walmart (yes, Walmart), etc. Also online. Trying to keep the models straight across the various stores, online merchants, and websites is dizzying.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

blow up and print... lilo and stitch stills?