Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girth of Pregnant Glory: Expanding

Of course, I'm almost 26 weeks now - I took this on Monday. I feel large and puffy. I cannot imagine what I'm going to feel like in another 14 weeks... It's laughable really, because apparently I do not looks as large as I feel. People are starting to comment or ask - are you pregnant? Most everyone says my belly looks small for being almost 6 months along. I've never been around anyone for their entire pregnancy so I have no reference point. Except for an acquaintance of ours here in Hawaii who is about 8 weeks ahead of me. We saw her at her six month point and she was HUGE. Enormous. Like if you didn't know you would think she was about to give birth. And her ankles looked like giant water balloons. I think I mentioned how horrified I was when we saw her, wondering if I was going to look like that. I think it's safe to say that no, I will not. She said her baby was measuring in the 98th percentile and they were already talking about inducing her early.

I think I need to clean my mirror.....

We survived three days of A working the night shift. We only got to see eachother for about 45 minutes total over those days! It's going to be tough if I keep working when he is on nights. He's on days for the month of February.

I had to go to my ultrasound on Wednesday alone since A was sleeping. The Little Elf seems to be doing fine. She's actually measuring in the 48th percentile now which is considered average. The farther along you get in pregnancy, the farther off the baby has to be for them to worry about the baby's growth or change your due date. So basically they are not concerned at this point that she is falling behind. But they still want to have a look at her every month to make sure, because of my thyroid issues.

It's been interesting getting to see her every month. The first time we went in, around 18 weeks, she had so much room in there! She could stretch out and wave her arms around, and she was turning over a lot. Every time we've seen her, she's gotten more and more squished up! Now she's big enough that her movements are constrained. You could still see her kicking and squirming, but her knees were all scrunched up by her chest. She was playing with her foot at one point - that was really cute. The tech said she weighs about 2 lbs.


Abby said...

You look beautiful! And don't worry, babies grow a lot during that last month. You'll be ginormous soon enough. ;) But then again, maybe you'll be one of the lucky few who won't be huge. Your friend sounds like maybe she could have preeclampsia? I had that with my first baby and it can make your ankles look like water balloons. And I was ginormous. :)

Lindsey Broere said...

You are cute as can be! Yo have the perfect little baby bump!

HOLY are well over half way through this! I think its probably safe to say that you aren't going to be HUGE--even though I know you feel like it (especially when you try to put on shoes or shave!)