Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm pretty sure this is the rocker/recliner we are going to get. It's a La Z Boy "Morgan" in Birch, the rocker version. I also really liked the "Lancer" model, but it doesn't look like it can get here to Hawaii before the baby is born. The good thing about the Morgan is that it's a few inches smaller (width & depth) than the Lancer, so it will probably fit better in the nursery. We debated getting some other kind of chair, but even the rickety (read: less expensive) ones at Babies R Us were like $350 for the reclining version. And as far as recliners go, La Z Boys are the most comfy I have sat in (on the island our choices are limited anyway). Plus the La Z Boys have a lifetime warranty on the mechanisms and the frame.


Chris said...

mmmm... That looks comfy. Did you look at the "Dutalier" gliders? That's where Erin's leaning right now, but I might just have to suggest we investigate LaZBoy.

Michelle said...

Chris, we did look at various types of gliders, but for a couple hundred more, I figure I'm probably going to be spending a LOT of time in that chair, and possibly even sleeping / napping there sometimes, hence the lazboy!