Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Training for Birth

We went to our first birth class yesterday evening. After some research I decided to take a Bradley Method class. I really hope it's worth our while. The instructor seemed a little scattered and disorganized. It annoys me that we pay for this class and she has already been somewhat unprofessional. We missed the first class because she forgot to call me and tell me the first class was a week earlier than she initially said. She didn't order our workbooks with enough advance, and we still don't have them (she promised next week they would be here). And she didn't have enough of the handouts she passed out, so a couple people didn't get all the forms.

It's not like we have options here on the island, though. If we want to do a Bradley class, this is it. I think in the end it will be worth it. She did seem knowledgeable about the birth process and that is the most important thing.

Yesterday's class was on nutrition, and I guessed before we went in that I already know more about nutrition - including prenatal nutrition - than she does. I definitely looked over the Bradley nutrition guidelines online before we registered for the class, knowing I wouldn't be able to take the class seriously if they gave out bogus nutrition information! They push plenty of protein - 80-100 grams per day - plus lots of dairy, veggies, fruits, fats and salt. They even recommend eating liver once per week. All good stuff.

It's a far cry from the ridiculous joke that is the USDA nutrition recommendations for pregnant women, which are inexplicably perpetuated through the otherwise sage Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy: 6 oz of protein per day (barely 40 grams?), minimize fat intake, keep salt intake low (to prevent swelling, naturally - haaaaa), and don't forget your FIFTEEN (15) servings of grain per day! We can thank the USDA (aka Puppet of the Grain Lobby) for that little tidbit.

Seriously, I mean, I am gestating a small human here, not a Pillsbury Doughboy. What do they think babies are made of? Flour and water? (Haaaaaa. Ha.) Babies need protein and calcium for bones and muscles, and fat for their growing brains.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, the Bradley class nutrition. We have to keep a daily log of our nutrition and count protein grams, which is kind of annoying, but I guess it's not really that big of a deal. It will help keep me accountable to make sure I get enough protein, considering I don't have much of an inclination for it.

We also learned some exercises that we are supposed to do daily. 100 Kegels - which seems like a lot, no? And 4 sets of 20 pelvic rocks plus 40 before bed (don't people have JOBS??? when are we supposed to do these? am I just supposed to get down on all fours and do my pelvic rocks in the middle of my open office?!) And this hip abductor exercise where you push your knees apart against resistance. And deep squat sits, which I need to work on because my hips and knees are really tight. All these are supposed to help prepare your body for labor and delivery.

After that we did some relaxation work where I got to lay on the ground and have basically a full body massage from Adam! I suppose that is worth the price of admission right there if I get one of those each week. We are supposed to practice that daily too.

It seems like a lot of stuff, but the Bradley people say that birth is like an athletic event (with your husband as the coach) and you need to prepare both physically and mentally. Of course, as a recreational athlete, that's something I can get my brain around.

Adam is supposed to help me remember to do all this stuff, but I already know I'm going to be on my own for a good chunk of the time because he's starting his watch schedule this week and when he's on the night shift we will basically not see each other for more than about an hour a day (if that). He is standing the night watch for the next three days and then he'll be on days for a month, and then nights during March.

I just recently tried to put our name on the waiting list for day care, and (I should have known) there is a year PLUS waiting list for the Navy daycare center! I guess we will be finding another option. Anyone know a nanny near Pearl Harbor?!

Oh, and good news! Our landlord is letting us out of our lease on March 31! So we will get to move before the baby comes. Now we just have to hope and pray they will offer us a house in time and we are not out on the street on April 1!


Morkai said...

I've decided on the bradley method too. One thing that attracted me was their nutrition info. Was the first time I saw anything remotely along with what I thought was sensible.

I'm working my way through the two books I found on amazon. f your a book addict like me: :)

His most recent book:

And this was recommended for good pictures, not read it yet though:

We are still trying however :) Stupid depo shot's messed me up.

Anonymous said...

Just laughing at the idea of a woman eating an entire loaf of bread each day...