Monday, May 11, 2009

At least the hotel is nice....

Y'all should see this hotel I'm staying in. I feel like it's the Ritz, but it's just the Marriott. Still, there is a huge wall-mounted flat screen tv in here AND a computer, AND wifi. And the bathroom is really nice. Marble. And I have a view out my window of the pool & jacuzzi. It's a beautiful day here. I was so relieved they let me check in to my room when I got here at 7 am. I thought I might have to wait around all day even though I called and requested an early check-in. But I got up here right away and it is lovely and comfortable and quiet and air conditioned and my first act was to flop down on the fluffy bed and take a snooze. I had to FORCE myself with sheer willpower to get out of bed again at 10:30. I could have slept all freaking day. That would be dumb though because then I would be awake all night and still I have to go to my conference tomorrow. Actually I have one meeting this afternoon. It's 5:27 am in Hawaii right now. No wonder I want to sleep more. Maybe I'll catch another snoozer later this afternoon. I did only get a few hours sleep last night. I can't sleep on planes. I tried to sleep on my flight from LA to Miami, but of course I had to sit next to the only guy on the plane who wanted to read and his bright light was glaring off his magazine right into my eyes! The flight was only 4.5 hours anyway. On the 6 hour flight to LA from Honolulu I had the misfortune of sitting next to this punk-ish guy and his girlfriend. He was a sprawler. You know, like hunching down in his seat with his legs splayed as far apart as possible, taking up like half my leg room and the entire arm rest. He kept flopping around and putting his feet up on the arm rests in front of us or wedging his knee into the seat in front of him. He seemed really childish and annoying to me. When I'm on a plane I try not to disturb the people around me... doesn't everyone?! He had all this designer clothing on, and a pair of Nike sweatpants. His watch was ridiculous too. I'm only telling you because it was inlaid all over the face with little blue, pink and silver crystals. Ridiculous. I have to say, the airline industry must really be hurting. This is the second cross-ocean flight I've been on recently on a 737. In the past I always remember flying over the ocean in a big 747 - the kind with four seats in the middle and two on either side. The past two times it's been the smaller plane with three seats on each side. And packed flights - every seat taken. My plan is to put on workout clothes and go outside and get some vit D and take a walk around the neighborhood. The waterfront is one block over. I'm not sure if it's the beach or just the waterfront. I considered ordering room service but then I noticed there is a 19% room service charge, plus a 3.00 delivery fee and then they tack on 15% gratuity plus tax, that nearly doubles whatever your meal costs! Instead I rallied and went to the restaurant for a seafood omlette. Yum. Yawn. I could go back into that bed, it's beckoning.... zzzzzzzzz

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