Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Knee problems

I am seriously pissed about my knee - mainly because I have absolutely ZERO idea what I did to myself. Did I fall and not remember? Did I sleep on it funny? I DON'T KNOW. It would be one thing if I was running 30 miles a week or if I had a heavy leg workout or if I was doing bike sprints or SOMETHING other than sitting on my butt when I noticed it started hurting. It's driving me crazy - it hurts to bend my leg, so sitting, walking up and down stairs, etc - pain. Walking doesn't really hurt too bad, but I think I'm going to stay off it today and try to speed the healing process. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow.

I finished Breaking Dawn last night. I couldn't stop reading! So good. I mean, it's total fantasy stuff not like this book will change your life or anything, but it's good a good escape. Now I'm sad that it's over! I already started reading World Without End, the sequal to Pillars of the Earth. I loved Pillars so I'm pretty sure World is going to be another page-turner. I started reading that last week after A and I had a Lord of the Rings marathon. It took us all week to get through all 3 movies. I forgot how long those are! And I forgot how HOT Orlando Bloom is as Legolas! Sigh. Orlando! If you're reading, I love you! * Anyway, after that I got in the mood for some more adventure stories involving castles and princesses and knights in shining armor so I pulled out World.

A called me today and he sounded like a zombie. I wonder what time it is wherever he is. He said he was finishing his workday. Yesterday he called me at the end of a 20 hr workday -yikes. He said they went out for Indian food and it was pretty good. No he's not in India. I know where he is but I can't say and I don't even think I can say after he gets back! Counting down the days. Less than 60 now.

Day 2 of 84 of whittling my butt back down to it's normal size. That seems like a long time but it's not so I need to just put my head down and get it done. And I can't even work out. But it's more about what you put in your piehole than what you burn anyway. Ain't that the truth.

* Just kidding, honey, you know I only have eyes for you! MUAH!

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Katie said...

wait- you finished midnight sun too! was it good?