Thursday, May 07, 2009

Everyone else is doing it! It would be totally trendy.

Yesterday at work my colleague told me I better be careful going to Miami next week or I might get the swine flu, and that I better get a mask to wear on the airplane because that's where I would most likely get infected. At first I was like, I'm not wearing a mask, that is stupid. But then I started thinking about being trapped in the airplane with all those... people. Coughing and sneezing and breathing. And then I thought about being trapped in the conference room with more people for 10 hours a day two days in a row - people from all over the world carrying their various infections, including possibly the swine flu, and I remembered the last time I got the flu - the only time in my adult life - was when I went to a similar conference and 75% of the people there got sick and I started to get worried. So I casually confronted my boss to tell him I was getting to be a little bitter about the fact that he is SENDING ME OFF TO MY DEATH IN MIAMI WHERE I WILL PROBABLY CONTRACT THE SWINE FLU AND DOES HE REALLY FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THAT?? Well, ok, maybe it didn't quite come out like that. So he agreed to speak to the Command Surgeon and ask him about it. Apparently the Command Surgeon - off the record - recomended that everyone go ahead and get infected!! With the swine flu!!! You know, like chicken pox! To inoculate ourselves! Because if this thing mutates and becomes more virulent or deadly, all the people who have the swine flue NOW will have some level of immunity built up to it! Personally I think he's out of his mind but I didn't get the chance to tell him so. All the same he gave my boss a surgical mask to give to me to wear around if I feel the need. So now I'm thinking well I don't really want to wear this thing like one of those strange Asian people and have everyone thinking that I'm infected but I think I'm going to bring it with me just in case I get stuck sitting next to someone who's coughing and sneezing. What would YOU do? Would you wear this thing?

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Kismet said...

Excuse me what happened to "I AM HEALTHY AND STRONG AND MY IMMUNITY IS ROCK SOLID!" Don't buy into the FEAR! You my dear have a "LIGHT SHIELD!" :)

Nevertheless I did LOL at your blog and no I would not wear that thing UNLESS like you said someone decided to start coughing next to me on the plane! The girl scout in me says "BE PREPARED"~