Monday, May 04, 2009


Dammit if I didn't somehow tweak my knee yesterday. Not at the gym either. It just started hurting not long after I woke up. Feels like tendinitis or something? Weird because I haven't been doing a lot of cardio?

Last night it was SO HOT. I had to turn the window a/c on in our bedroom just to get comfortable, I was laying there sweating. But that thing is so loud I can't sleep with it on. Couldn't sleep with it, couldn't sleep without it. Finally the temperature dropped and the room got cool enough that I was able to turn it off and then eventually fall asleep. Needless to say I didn't bound out of bed this morning. Alarm went off at 5 and I laid there for almost 40 minutes dozing. Finally got up and went for a 30 minute walk with the 10# weight vest. That thing feels so heavy! It feels like way more than 10#. It really gets my heart rate up.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening yesterday reading that damn book! I'm getting close to done with it. About 1/4 of it left. Seriously I can't put these books down once I get to reading them they are addicting! Wish I was home reading it right now....


Black Daffodil Films said...

YUCK...trying to sleep when its too hot is NO FUN. How frustrating!

What kind of weight vest do you have? I've been thinking about getting one for running hill repeats (post baby).

THE WRITER said...

Have you tried reading the Sookie Stackhouse series yet?? Also totally addicting! I hear it's like the adult version of Twilight, but I haven't read Twilight. I never fancied myself a fan of vampire lore, but there are some sexy vampire "encounters", I must admit.