Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This is probably why I got fat... but I still don't know why my knee hurts, and other cruel universe-jokes.

So I just spent the last few hours scouring the internets for information about knee pain and according to the webz, I have Chondromalacia Patellae, which sounds scary but is apparently only runner's knee. I have no idea how I could have gotten runner's knee, seeing as how I have done no running in weeks, literally, in fact I hardly even do WALKING these days anymore, what with sitting still so long at this job and driving to work and the fact that A gets the mail, takes out the trash, does the laundry, gasses up the cars, and really I don't do much of anything except sit there and try to look cute and say, "don't you want to rub my feet?" to which he always says of course. But runner's knee is the only thing that fits my symptoms and this one guy on the webz says the cure is to strengthen my thigh muscles, but I already HAVE strong thigh muscles, probably stronger than like 75% of the girls out there so now I'm wondering if I go home and lay in bed and turn my foot out and do leg lifts for 10 minutes each day like he says will it help????


Black Daffodil Films said...

interesting...because runner's knee is an overuse or overtraining injury?

That stinks! Wonder if it would help to do some hip flexor exercises, just in case its something different like an ITB injury (which is really rare and an overuse injury too, but ya never know).

So how on Earth did it work out for Adam to do all the house work? I think I need to revisit mine and Neil's division of responsibilities at the ol' casa :-)

Katie said...

i had runner's knee! i wasn't even really running at the time either, but i was playing volleyball. it was SO painful! just standing on it hurt. i was fine one day and then the next day i got out of bed and nearly fell over because my knee just kind of buckeled. my doc gave me some leg exercises to do, but i didn't really do them. i mainly just tried to keep it elevated and iced my knee and popped pain killers. it hurt for me to bend it too, so i even propped it up at work because it hurt too much. i totally feel your pain!

THE WRITER said...

I have no knee advice. But I DO think you're hilarious.