Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mostly more whining about my knee.

Went to the gym this morning, more to wear my new workout gear than because I actually wanted to work out. I had to work around my knee which meant not doing some of the exercises since I can't do anything that involves bending my right knee, so no squats, Bulgarian split squats or stability ball leg curls. (Note: I still have no idea if that is really how Bulgarians do their split squats, but those things really work your butt - you put one foot up on a bench behind you and basically do a lunge, but with your back foot elevated on the bench. Yeowch.) Anyway, I subbed out Romanian deadlifts (the Eastern Europeans are noted for their cruel twists on normal exercises) and calf presses. Also did not do any burpees, but I did do some jumping jacks. I love getting my workout done first thing in the morning! I only wish it was not so hard to wake up. Plus at the gym there are less shenanigans since everyone has to focus and get to work. I still saw this guy pull into the parking lot, get out of his car in his gym clothes and light up a cigarette. Ahh, nothing like black smoke in your lungs right before you exercise!

The trade winds are dead right now, which explains why it's been hotter than the hell and also very voggy. Vog is volcanic ash and fog mixed together and when there are no trade winds, it drifts over to Oahu from the big island and just sort of hangs around, insulating everything like a greenhouse.

I have not read Midnight Sun yet - the author of the Twilight series wrote another version of Twilight from the vampire Edward's perspective, but the manuscript got leaked so there is an unfinished version of it on the webz. I am reading World Without End now. I sometimes wish I had lived in Medeival times so I could live in a castle and wear pretty dresses and ride horses around everywhere and have my own Elf or at least a knight in shining armor, but A likes to remind me that the odds are I would be poor and probably die of the plague or bloodletting. Did you all know that George Washington died as a result of bloodletting?

Knee status: still hurting. I iced all day yesterday. Runner's knee must not be solely an overuse injury because it happened to me and I definitely was NOT overusing. I've had ITB syndrome before, THAT sucked. But that was overuse and also under-stretching. Luckily it was while I was at A&M so I got physical therapy for 6 weeks at only $10 per week! They used this sonogram machine that relaxes the tendon and breaks up any calcification. That took forever to heal - like months! God I hope it doesn't take that long for my knee to stop hurting.

A says we are going to do the webcams tonight! Yay!


Katie said...

my doc suggested one of these:

i guess it holds your knee cap in place when you get back to working out on it. i used it for a while, but got annoyed with it, so quit using it. i got my at walgreens or target.

Black Daffodil Films said...

geeze...wonder if it was just the walking in the weight vest...or all the years of squats and stuff finally caught up with you.

That sucks!

Let me know how your recovery goes...I've *thank God* never had knee problems other than ACL surgery...but I'm interested to hear how all this goes (just in case)

Chris said...

FWIW, I separated my shoulder after getting hit by a car on my bike yesterday (a crossing on the W&OD trail).

So I'm on the DL too (in a sling).