Sunday, May 03, 2009


Adam hasn't even been gone for a whole week yet but I miss him so much! It is weird sleeping without him. I have to admit I sleep much better when he doesn't wake me in the middle of the night with his snuffling or the flopping of his ginormous limbs. Also, I already had to take the trash out AND the recycling and water all the plants and do my own laundry and fill up the water pitcher -- these are all things he normally does. I do most of the cleaning - and complain bitterly about it. Someday I will be rich and hire people to do everything for me.

I went to Costco and barely had to buy any food - it was weird. Instead I bought some clothes and the last book in the Twilight series - Breaking Dawn. I have it on my computer but it's just not the same as getting absorbed in a book. I am about 25% through it right now. I thought it was going to be boring from the beginning but there was already a major plot twist that I totally didn't see coming. I won't spoil it for you - go get the books!! Seriously they are really good and you will not be able to put them down.

I went to the MCX to get some new gym clothes since some of my t-shirts are falling apart and man was THAT depressing. I am definitely putting myself on a diet. Nothing like the sight of your pasty cellulite in a three way mirror to spark a fire under your butt. I hate battling my weight, it is so tiresome. But I am not going to give up and just get fat. Believe me that is what happens when I get lazy and let my good habits slide. I just have too strong an affinity for, well, food. Good thing this TT contest starts tomorrow. It is very motivating, it keeps me focused. Speaking of which, I am headed to the gym.


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