Friday, May 01, 2009

A.M. workouts

I actually got up and went to the gym this morning before work. It felt great! Getting up? Not so much. Why is it so much harder to wake up at 5 than at 6? Maybe it's because the sun is not up yet. I've been waking up naturally without an alarm clock for weeks now at 6 on the nose. This morning was painful. And I was a little late for work because I had to spend some time looking up my workout since the print out was in my gym bag at work. I've streamlined my morning routine so much that I don't even dry my hair anymore or wear any makeup other than under-eye concealer and mascara, so I don't know how I could save any more time. Half the time I don't even shower anymore. I'm down to a quick rinse with a regular shower every three days or so. I don't need to wash my hair every day here for some reason it seems to stay cleaner and even looks better a day or two after washing. I used to wash and blow dry every day!

My boss is driving me bananas. Did I mention I want to quit my job? Not today?

I'm gonna keep getting up for am workouts from now on.

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