Friday, May 29, 2009

Low Iodine Drudgery (LID)

Well y'all, I'm on the LID again for my whole-body scan next week and this time it feels harrrrd. I really want some eggs and bacon or a bit of yogurt or some butter on my broccoli or a nice piece of salmon. I don't remember it being this hard last year or the first time. Of course, the first time I was out of my mind hypo and didn't know what the heck was going on much less what foods I was missing. I had the metabolism of a small dead snail... getting off the couch was a monumental task - I could hardly even poop, hypothetically speaking. I am thankful at least that I don't have to "go hypo" again ... as long as my scans are clean. Today I go get bloodwork done to confirm I'm not pregnant (even though it would be the immaculate conception since A's been deployed a whole month now). Then on Monday I get a Thyrogen shot, Tuesday another Thyrogen shot, Wednesday I get the radioactive iodine, Thursday I marinate and Friday is the scan.

In other news, I was up at 3:45 this morning to get to work by 4:30 for a VTC. There is definitely a nap in my future. Right after I go get this blood drawn. Good thing is I get to leave here at 12:30. And I got a stellar parking spot. Parking at Camp Smith where I work is a nightmare. Camp Smith is basically the top of a big hill, so all the parking is on the street along the hillside ... and it's STEEP! You have to hike up that every day in the sweltering afternoon humidity to get to your car. Not today though! I got to park in the tiny lot right next to the building. I was shocked that all of the spots across the street from the front door (the Rock Star parking) were already taken when I got here at 4:30. Egads.

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Black Daffodil Films said...

has it already been a year....geeze.

I remember feeling so bad for you last year with that crazy diet...So I guess I'll start feeling double bad for you this year. No salmon...No yogurt...NO EGGS...I'd die.